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Valley of the Kings

3Upon hearing the question, «The most grandiose cemetery in the world?» Domestic tourists have long chosen Egypt as a modern «All-Russian health resort» was not taken aback and replied, «Valley of the Kings.» And it will be true. For more than five centuries, the Egyptians buried their pharaohs here.

The burials in the Valley of the Kings were about to XI from the XVI century BC — during which time the Egyptians managed to create a true city of the dead.
On the left bank of the River Nile is the so-called City of the Dead — a huge necropolis with funerary temples of the pharaohs. Valley of the Pharaohs — so called burial of Egyptian rulers. Interestingly, in this valley are still being excavations. Scientists are still opening new tomb, and how many more will be discovered is unknown.

Today, more than unearthed 50 tombs, some of which are buried even two pharaohs — the predecessor and successor. Valley of the Kings lost among the rocks not far from the ancient city of Luxor with the name — an impressive, sun-scorched desert, which was was created in order to become a place for the burial of the pharaohs.

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