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«Uniweb» online education

Online education is an opportunity at home if you do not learn how to practically everything, or at least get a rough idea from psychology and biology to programming languages ​​and quantum mechanics. The vast number of courses taught in English, but in recent years in Russia began to appear online training program. T & P chose the six major platforms, which give the opportunity to hear a lecture, participate in the webinar or to pass a training course in Russian.

3c7d94eb8be0ba463e269ae647fd6961Uniweb — a platform which brings together online courses several major universities, including MGIMO RANHiGS and MSU. Here, in general, the program represented by a business education of one to eight weeks. During this time, students should see the rate of small video lectures, study the accompanying materials and literature, as well as homework. Students can plan their own schedule, however, the rate is, and the deadline for execution of tasks given by a well-defined amount of time.
The program cost can be anywhere from three to twenty thousand rubles, depending on the number of teaching hours. But, for example, a three-week course on «Modern PR-service» prepared by MGIMO, you can go free. To free classes can start at any time, and to enroll in the course will have a paid e-mail the documents to enroll. Upon completion of training, students receive certificates.

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