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«Universarium» online education

universarium333_1«Universarium» opened recently: the first lesson it began only in January this year. In the future, it should be a place for interaction between employers and professionals, so now part of the courses focused on specific businesses and provides employment opportunities for the most successful graduates.
Education in «Universariume» is free and can last from seven to ten weeks. Programs developed by teachers of MSU and MIPT, consist of modules, and the modules, in turn, includes a video lecture, independent work, homework and tests. Now available on the website of the program in chemistry, mathematics and microeconomics. In the near future there will be courses in the humanities.
One of the main features of «Universariuma» — a system of cross-checking homework. Each completed task browsing not only teachers, but other students, and the final score is calculated as the average score. For verification tasks other people can also get extra points.
In the near future graduates «Universariuma» will receive diplomas. In the meantime, assessment of knowledge displayed in the overall ranking of students.

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