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«Udacity» specializes in online computer education

Udacity is distance computer courses

Udacity is distance computer courses

The platform Udacity is largely similar to Coursera, but specializes in computer education. It offers 24 courses related to computer science (programming, artificial intelligence, 3D-graphics, cryptography), but also presents mathematics, physics, psychology and business.

Unlike Coursera, Udacity courses have no fixed schedule — you can start at any place and at your own pace. Courses are divided into classes, each of which consists of  series of short video lectures. During lectures students are asked every few minutes to answer the interactive test questions to ensure understanding of the material. Also it is followed by practical, problem-focused homework.

Successful completion is rewarded with a certificate. Udacity launched a partnership program with the University of San Jose (CA), offering five courses on the platform. Having passed the courses and a $150 fee, you can obtain authentic academic credits accepted by most universities. Also you can get credit for the course «Introduction to Computer Science», having completed a special exam at an examination center (incidentally, these centers are even in Ukraine).

Offering students such options educational platform are working for a funding model that will let courses to remain free to the public. On the other hand, it shows a gradual movement toward merging the online and real education academic institutions.

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