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Tombs of the Kings


It is not just the graves of 2 by 2 meters — in the underground necropolis burial takes every few hundred meters. The area is fenced and entrance charges apply here. Local residents began to bury their kings in this place in the 3rd century BC and were engaged in this business 6 centuries in a row. However, not all the rulers got here.

Inspect the entire territory can be for a couple of hours. Tombs enmeshed in a network of passages and stairways. It is necessary to look at his feet, not to fall into the well. Nearby there are cafes and snack bars, so that rest and nutrition entirely borne by the tourists.

All the tombs — a replica of the houses in which lived the kings. Some are built directly from the colonnades, courtyards and sculptures. In the center of the whole complex is a square.
The most interesting things are hidden in the dungeon. Here you can find crosses, wall paintings, different images that left Christians. They hid from his pursuers and traced messages.

Unfortunately, to date, only two remained nerazgrablennymi tomb. The rest carried off by vandals. These look worn area is so-so. What could save local authorities — preserved. The rest is hidden somewhere in private collections or melted long ago.

Such advice is not to get tired of the heat, the tomb is better to start early in the morning to inspect or after season 5. The Museum is open until 19:00. Entrance fee — about 2-3 EUR.