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The best ways to self-motivation


  1. Ignore what is not important to you.
    Learning to ignore something is a fantastic thing. It brings even more benefits than you might think. The paying of attention to many things at once only breaks us down. Ignoring the facts which are not important releases energy and helps us to stay focused and productive.
  2. Try to understand what annoys you.
    And avoid it. Certain things and actions tend to annoy us. But, just like any other aspect of our state of mind, it is possible to understand and identify ways to get rid of them. Once we understand this, we can easily do it. It takes time, but it is really worth it.
  3. Laugh often.
    Watch comedies, read comics. Throw away your terrible seriousness. Laughing is a mechanism to prevent and relieve stress.
  4. Keep a journal of your breakthroughs.
    Do you remember when you have achieved something worthwhile in your life? We tend to forget the simple habit of recording our feelings whenever we might experience a big breakthrough. Keep a log of your successes and draw inspiration from them
  5. Train physically.
    This is the easiest way to motivate yourself. Just get out of the office or at home, do any exercise or jog a little. This sets our body in order immediately. Every time we are doing some exercises, we release endorphins we need. Endorphins are good, useful and necessary.
  6. Create appropriate surroundings.
    We can not motivate ourselves to take action if working in an environment that does not suit us. Change it — supplement it and improve it, whether we are working in the office or at home. Whatever the space around us, it is important to set it up in «our» way, it reduces the time we need to adapt and we can devote more time to the necessary things.
  7. Read the success stories of other people.
    Be inspired by them, admire them. Reading real and specific success stories makes our own success more attainable and cultivates our efforts to achieve it. And, of course, it teaches us to be more successful.
  8. Switch between tasks.
    We all get tired of spending too long working on the same project. Tiredness from work kills motivation. Try to make a few smaller projects, when you feel that you are on the brink of fatigue. It may help us to solve problems faster.
  9. Estimate progress.
    If we are constantly working, as a general rule, we are consantly making some progress. Sometimes it may seem that you did not progress much at all, but it’s because of missing all those little daily milestones you have set. Look back and be satisfied with what you have created — it will definitely boost your energy.
  10. Talk about your projects.
    With friends or family. Let people know that you are doing something good. This often makes us understand that we are doing something really worthwhile and enjoy it more. It also creates a certain level of responsibility, which pushes us forward.
  11. Avoid energy vampires
    The skeptics, the pessimists — they are stealing our energy. Do not fall into the trap of this game, at all costs avoid these energy leaks, even if it means that you will become more isolated. It is better to work in solitude rather than fighting to resist the surrounding vampires.
  12. Create clear goals.
    And, specifically, write them down, because they should be already well defined in your mind. Place them where they can always be found and keep striving for them. Our mind works better when it knows what to do and does not have to waste time on recognizing goals.
  13. Relax.
    When you have finished some task, reward yourself.
  14. Accept defeat.
    Failure, as well as success, is just a product of our actions and nothing more. One of the biggest enemies of motivation is the fear of failure. Accept failures. They are unpleasant, but they do not mean that we should give up doing what we are doing. Work on yourself and strive for the best. Fight.
  15. Use reminders.
    Use them as a solid record of your aspirations, goals, current status. Reminders are a very powerful tool that is often undervalued. People are uncomfortable with writing messages to themselves and reading them aloud. We’re doing it all the time, subconsciously, so why not do it consciously? Wake up with these phrases, addressed to yourself.
  16. Say «No».
    Say «No» to entertainment, distraction, depression. The word «No» makes you free. A large volume of commitments make our lives a continuous succession of dreary, perennial action. Limit your commitments, and hold out only for what you really want to achieve, and those things which are most important to you.
  17. Seek out positive people.
    Sadness, whining and complaints are not very compatible with motivation. By contrast; positive, optimistic and energetic people will always help set your mood in the right direction.

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