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Stanford University has joined edX


Stanford University has joined the initiative of Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which allows schools to conduct free online courses. This cooperation, according to the university administration, will be beneficial for both teachers and students from all parts of the globe.
Stanford already offered MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses), its own platform for online courses with mass accessibility, which was created recently. However, according to Stanford Vice-Rector for online learning and computer science professor John Mitchell, the university decided to suspend work on it and shift focus to a system called edX, created by Harvard and MIT, as a separate non-profit entity.
Stanford still plans to offer some courses via Coursera, a fee-charging system founded by two local professors. However, the demand for training via the web is growing rapidly, and therefore, according to Mitchell, for it is better for Higher Education Institutes to attempt integrate with providers of online education rather than to compete.
«I think together we can create a much better platform than any of us could do alone,» — he said, adding that the alliance created by this software can become “Linux online learning”.
As president Anant Agarvel highlighted, the elements of the Stanford Class2Go system will be connected  to edX.
Since the launch of edX with the first group of online students, who studied the electrical engineering program at MIT, the platform founders planned to share it, so that outsource programmers and researchers could adapt and improve it. «I really believe that it will make online education a truly global,» — says Anant Agarvel.
While some future courses will be held in the Stanford system edX, the university plans to maintain its own portal, instead of using a shared site for the registration of students, unlike California, Berkeley, and the University of Texas at Austin.

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