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Ridge Djurdjura

dzhurdzhuraDjurdjura national park — coastal mountain range in the north of Algeria, which is part of the mountain range of Tell Atlas (fr. L’Atlas tellien). The highest mountain peak is the peak djurdjura national park Lalla Hedidzha (Lalla Khedidja) — 2308m. In 1925. the colonial government of Algeria produces around djurdjura national park nature protection area of ​​the same name, which later turned into a national park (1983.).

It is believed that the name «djurdjura national park» comes from the Kabyle word «djurdjura national park», which means «big chill» or «rise.» There is also a version that should be taken as a basis for the ancient expression «Jur Jur Mr. Nye Ger Ger district», which can be interpreted as the «mountain of mountains». Neighborhoods djurdjura national park inhabited by descendants of Kabila, who lived here a long time — no wonder people from the tribes of the Kabyles in the world for the eyes called «Mmis n’Dzhurdzhur», which means «children djurdjura national park.»

Tourists come to djurdjura national park to enjoy the spectacular views of mountain peaks, the slopes are covered with lush untouched forest, and see the amazing in its beauty and unusual canyons and caves. Centre for trips to the local mountains is winter resort Tikdzhda (Tikjda) — here there are hotels, campsites and various price categories. Tikdzhda Located directly in the mountains, at an altitude of 1600m. If you start the journey from the foothills, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the quiet pine forests (pine endemic, called «Aleppo pine»), in some places interspersed with juniper bushes. On the northern slopes dominated by oak forests. Above, in the mountains, the vegetation changes. There is already stretched huge pine grove. More above begin the very mountainous landscape with grottos, caves and canyons. By the way, djurdjura national park is the deepest cave in Africa — Anou Ifflis. This vertical karst cave has a depth of 1120 meters and is visited only by professional cavers.

The fauna is quite diverse djurdjura national park in North Africa — here you can find a hyena, wild boar, porcupine, hare, mongoose, weasel, fox, eagles and vultures variety. But one of the most interesting animals living in the foothills djurdjura national park — a Barbary Macaque (or Berber macaque). Once these monkeys were widely distributed throughout the Mediterranean coast of Africa, but now they can be found only in a few places.