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For whom: for all
Russian language

Last start, with a project of former chief editor of the «Big City» Philip Dzyadko and founder of the site «theory and practice» Daniel Perusheva dedicated to the humanities. Each course — on history, art, anthropology and philosophy — consists of several video lectures, read Doctrine and additional materials on the topic, including articles and photos. The creators promise that the new rate will appear on the website every Thursday (until available in all four courses). All humanitarian serials are available for free.

TED Talks
For whom: for all
Language: English (sometimes available Russian subtitles)

The non-profit foundation based in the United States, TED (Technology Entertainment Design — «Technology, Entertainment, Design») was established in 1984. First, the organization did not indulge in online projects and holds annual conferences with invited experts who could tell us something interesting and useful at the same time. For example, it was during the first TED conference was demonstrated by the first Macintosh, and the mathematician Benoit Maldenbrot explained his theory of fractals.

The conference always documented, and with the development of the organizers of the Internet began to put them on the Web. Since 2000, the conference began to carry out more than once a year, TED talks has grown to a site with an audience of millions. Now you can find there monologues scientists, writers, actors and politicians, and the project TEDx, working in parallel with itself Talks, it allows you to perform and record presentations scientists and public figures worldwide.


Дистанционные компьютерные курсы

For whom: for all
Language English

Three years ago a group of professors of computer science at Stanford University launched an online platform for mass education, which is currently the largest in the world. The site is constantly published announcements courses on various topics and in various price categories. For example, last year’s most popular series of lectures were «Social Psychology», «Game Theory» and «Introduction to Programming».

Coursera have hundreds of thousands of fans around the world who love the philosophy of the site for affordable education, quality of teaching and the ability to simultaneously pull academic English, recalling the lessons of a foreign school.

For whom: for anthropologists, sociologists, linguists, physicists, astrophysicists and other
Russian language

«PostNauka» — a project of modern fundamental science and the people who created it. The site was launched in early 2012, and in 2013 the number of daily visitors has exceeded 10,000.

Half of all the materials published on the site — video lectures and discussions of various fields of knowledge: microbiology, astrophysics, psychology and anthropology. On the site we have worked more than 170 scientists and founders of open additional projects: in conjunction with the Cultural Centre «ZIL» «PostNauka» launched a lecture «Dialogues.»

The mission of creators call coverage of relevant theories, ideas, concepts, laws and concepts in modern fields of knowledge. The task team consults: if you want to delve into the science of it, then you can start from here.

Institute for Media, Architecture and Design «Arrow»greek
For some architects, designers, media managers
Language: English and Russian

Institute «Arrow» was founded in 2009 by a group of patrons, to enable architects, designers and mediarabotnikam undergo postgraduate program. Every year on the «Arrow» come new students: they learn to create projects that are traveling to eventually form a new image of Russian cities. «Arrow» has long become one of the places of power in Moscow, there are concerts and lectures, a bar and its own publishing house.

Recently, the curators of the Institute launched a new project: the architects and developers from around the world read a short 30-minute lecture, the organizers recorded it on video, show students, and after some time each ward «Arrows» an opportunity to discuss the lecture with the author has personally . All lectures are posted on the website of the project, and see them is free.

For whom: for those who study a foreign language
Russian language

Preply — the largest in the CIS website, which is engaged in mediation between student and teacher, when it comes to learning foreign languages. In general, tutors, and many of those who are looking for them, prefer classes at home, but the heading «Lessons on Skype» impressive number of teachers from which to choose.

Languages, too few, including not only a standard set of Chinese, English and French: there are Polish, Portuguese, Arabic and others. The website teachers of different levels: cost-per-hour start at $ 10 and go up to $ 100. Site meanwhile ensures that the teacher and the student in any case not exchanged contacts until the student does not hold the first payment, which removes Preply Commission. Despite some difficulties, it ensures a more or less decent quality remote learning a foreign language. Sometimes there are also some native speakers.

For whom: for all
Language English

Radiolab — one of the top podcasts planet who speaks in plain language about complex matters. It’s really the best of abstruse, ironic and easy portal where listeners can find topics that are suitable for them. For several years, podcasts respond to a variety of questions: why we love to be around dangerous animals, but to be safe, how memory works and why we forget basic things? And all this — teachers from English-speaking universities around the world.

With radio and podcasts, by the way, you can kill two birds with one stone: listening — one of the most difficult skills to master, speaking of foreign languages, so when choosing a topic that you are familiar with and which you are interested, you can train and English.

IT Online16
For whom: For techies
Language English

The fact that the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) — the best technical university in the world, constantly talking techies around the world, and university students claim that Google Glass is invented 20 years ago. Obviously, to get into this school is almost impossible: you have to be not just wealthy, but almost genius. Despite this, MIT professors are not so inaccessible: the site of the Institute for a long time working online training. Courses are selected in the main applications: how to create a modern wheelchairs as math used in toys for children. Despite the narrow specificity of the lectures can be found that fits the specific education and goals. MIT for a few years is not only the archives of video lectures, and PDF-copies of their summaries, which are also freely available.

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