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Online degree with «Udemy»


The success of open online education confirms millions of people around the world aspire to new knowledge today. The spread of virtual forms of teaching found many willing to share their knowledge and skills with others. An example is the platform Udemy, which allows teachers to create online courses on any subject. «We noticed that thousands of people are trying to teach over the Internet, but they lack the technical capacity to do so effectively,» — says co-founder of the project.

On the platform a range of tools to create courses is available. You can upload video and audio lectures, slide presentations, text files, and conduct virtual conferences. Now Udemy has more than 6,000 courses for every topic, various academic subjects, entrepreneurship, languages, music, art and photography, design, sports and more. Among them there are both free and paid courses.

Udemy invites professors of well-known universities and recognized experts in various fields to teach. But the creation of courses is also open to all who want to share with the world the knowledge and skills in their professional field. Thus teachers have the opportunity to receive additional income if they decide to make their courses paid. Accordingly, users seeking new knowledge, skills and experience, have a truly wide range of educational options.

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