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Notre Dame d’Afrique

notr-dam-d-afrikNotre Dame d’Afrique (aka Notre Dame d’Afrique) — Catholic cathedral in the capital of Algeria, Algiers. Located in the northern part of the city in the 124-meter high rock, which rises above the sea. It was built in neo-Byzantine style by the French architect Jean Eugène Fromageau, laying the foundation took place in 1855. on the site of a temporary chapel building itself lasted from 1858. by 1872.

By the cathedral come to pray, not only Catholics, but also Muslims. Rather, Muslims do not come to the cathedral itself, and to the bronze statue of the Virgin Mary, which they call «Lalla Mariam.» Bronze statue darkened from time to time — say that one of the American tourists asked whether Mary was a Negro … In the altar apse inscribed inscription «Notre Dame d’Afrique Priez Pour Nous Et Pour Les Musulmans». If translated from French, it means «Our Lady of Africa, pray for us and for the Muslims.»

In the period 2006-2010. Cathedral held a large-scale restoration. I do not know now, but before the restoration was carried out on Sunday a special service. In the evening, the priests went to the cliff on which stands the Cathedral, and a ringing of bells and the sounds of the body (key of the body remembers the hands of the great Saint-Saens), blessed all who are in the Mediterranean, and to forgive sins shipwrecked. Particularly impressive and makes empathize service conducting during a storm, when the moaning wind carries the sound of bells in the sea, and the waves themselves in the eyes fill with lead weight.