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Moving to another city as a student: 5 tips to feel comfortable

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When you’re moving, it is quite complicated to get used to a new city. But what if you’re a lucky man, who entered the good university far from your home? We prepared these 5 simple advices to reduce moving stress and help you feel more comfortable at the new place:

  1. Get ready. Look in advance how to get to the university from the railway station or from the airport to which you are coming. What is located near the university? Are there such places, where you can have a lunch or rest?If you already know where you would live — decide how you will get from there to the university and back. Choose near several shops, cafes near your house or campus. Find the nearest post office, park, bus stop.
  1. Make contacts. The more people you know in a new place, the more confident you feel. Meet your future classmates, find out who is your supervisor, talk to your campus neighbors. You can get useful information from these people and you will know who may help you in case of emergency..
  1. Stay in touch. If you are alone in another city, do not forget to call your relatives and friends. Call them or write messages — close people will support you and help with advice even from a distance.
  1. Walk more. This non-obvious advice can actually give many advantages to a newcomer. While walking, you get to know the city and its inhabitants, learn how to navigate in a new place. It is also useful to mark where you saw, for example, a bookstore or a workshop for repairing household appliances — this knowledge may help you in future.  Soon you’ll feel in a new city like at home. Maybe you’ll even arrange a tour for your local friends :)
  1. Look for like-minded people. If you are going to spend a year or even more in this city, you just need friends. Find out where the fans of your favorite band are meeting, visit free events and join activities, that is close to your way of life. Search for like-minded people will take time, but as a result you have a company in which you can talk heart to heart and relax.

We hope these 5 tips will help you get comfortable in a new place and even help with studying in another city comfortable. Good luck!


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