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Flag-MarokkoKingdom of Morocco — one of the oldest countries in Africa, whose historical roots date back to the first Arab state formations on the territory of the Maghreb in VIII-IX centuries. In the years 1912-1956 the country was a colony of France and Spain. Currently, Morocco — an independent state, a constitutional monarchy. Head of state and government — the king (1961 — Hassan II), it is the same — the supreme commander and spiritual Commander of the Faithful (Amir al-mu-Minin). Legislature — unicameral House of Representatives. The capital of Morocco — Rabat. Administratively, the country is divided into 18 prefectures (Rabat-Salé, Casablanca, etc.), And 42 provinces.
The official language of Morocco is Arabic. The bulk of the inhabitants of the country — the Moroccans (26.7 million. People). They speak Moroccan Arabic. Foreigners, who number about 550 thousand people, represented the European population, mainly French and Spanish, as well as immigrants from other countries of the Maghreb, mainly Algerians. Moroccans — descendants of the ancient Berbers and Arabs, largely mixed together over many centuries of history. In the Moroccan south, in the oases and in the major cities are living representatives Negroid population, whose ancestors were from Western Sudan. This dark-skinned Moroccans, Ihor Kharatin (farmers oases).
In today’s Morocco stored ethnic diversity of the population, especially between Arabs and Berbers. They are expressed primarily in the difference between the spoken language, as well as some features of the lifestyle, traditions, way of life, folklore and so on. N. The modern Berbers have retained their language and some lifestyle characteristics, occupy, usually mountainous areas and Saharan oases. Among the indigenous inhabitants of the country are also Moroccan Jews living mainly in large cities. In religious terms, the Moroccan population, except Jews — adherents of Judaism, Muslim (Sunni).
Morocco is located in the north-west of the African continent, covers an area of ​​444 thousand. Km2. In the west, Morocco faces the Atlantic Ocean: slaboraschlenennye, almost devoid of natural harbors coast stretch is 1,400 km; in the north for 450 km — by the Mediterranean Sea; on land — borders with Algeria and Mauritania. The favorable geographical location — proximity to Europe — has long been a great opportunity for contact with the outside world.
The country occupies the Atlantic Coastal Plain, the western part of the Atlas Mountains and the north-western part of the Sahara desert. In the center of Morocco, is a group of mountains: the Middle Atlas and the High Atlas. The highest point — the snow-covered peak of Jebel Tube-kal (4165 m). Near froze as tents, seven peaks (about 4000 m).

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