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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

95RIZkTOne of the most prestigious and definitely the most famous technical university in the world. Famous for development in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence, the main technical university with a very strong undergraduate programs. The Institute was founded not so long ago — in 1861. In order to protect the selection committee of the known failures of applications it was introduced fees for applicants for processing applications — $ 75. Each year, 1,800 locations served about 28 000 applications.
So, for what go to MIT, — a sea of ​​scientific opportunities that exist for students from the first year. Program Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program allows bachelors to seek an interesting topic for research and to join the working group at any stage of the investigation. In total, the program takes about 85% of the students — it allows you to gain experience of research and twenty years have several publications in collaboration with well-known scientists.

Application deadline

It is necessary to have an account on the website is not later than 1 November or 1 January — depending on which thread apply.

Admission Procedure

The Admissions Committee notes that they do not accept the figures, and human rights and are very sensitive to the process of selection. Members of the committee consider each foreign candidate individually to assess the level of his training, regardless of whether, for any educational program he studied.
Start flow is necessary to create an account on the site and fill out an application. The selection committee recommends it as soon as possible, the deadline — January 1. Until December 10, you need to arrange an interview, you can do so by e-mail listed on the site. After that the candidates whose applications are selected are notified of the following tests — tests that need to take place in accordance with the selected program.

Entry requirements

студентыFirst on the list of requirements is a set of objects that must be studied in school candidates, otherwise there is no point to enter. Among the objects of general subjects: English, mathematics, history / social science, biology, chemistry, physics.
Age of candidates can be any lower trims not — Institute receives and those who finished school as an external student.
Of course, MIT high demands on the language. Accepted results of TOEFL: paper version — a minimum of 577 points (600 or more recommended), computer version — at least 90 points (100 or more recommended).

Entrance tests

1396165872_stock-footage-students-sitting-in-a-line-listening-in-classroom-at-the-universityTo enter, you must pass the test (each program — a) submit an application and undergo an interview. Interviews can take place in the institution or through Skype. Mandatory tests — TOEFL and SAT. Foreign and US students fill the same documents at registration of the application: you must first create an account at MIT, then fill in the first application, which should contain biographical information. After that is filled with the next part of the application that contains an essay about themselves, about those disciplines that studied the applicant. Also, candidates will need three letters of recommendation, two of the school teachers (teachers in the field of exact or natural sciences and the humanities teacher), and the school psychologist. Test results shall be submitted to the university by an official — from agencies to conduct these examinations. The next step — the interview. This step is optional, but statistics show that those who agreed to be interviewed, more likely to be students of the institute. Also, the application can make your portfolio and some additional material testifying about special talents of the candidate.

Leading the field

250px-Stylised_Lithium_Atom.svgPhysics, chemistry, engineering, astronomy, information technology and others. The Institute offers an education in one of the 44 undergraduate programs. The most popular school — engineering, here come 44.5% of students in 19 programs. The second most popular — science here has about 20% of the students. The most extensive undergraduate programs — electronic engineering and computer science, mechanical engineering, physics, biology and mathematics.
Cost of education
In the 2011-2012 academic year, the average annual cost of student learning at the undergraduate is $ 55,270. Of this: $ 40,732 — the cost of tuition, $ 11,775 — accommodation and food costs, $ 2763 — literature and personal expenses.

Available grants

MIT — an expensive institution, one of the few that considers applications from students regardless of whether they can afford the tuition. The policy is that if a student can enroll at MIT, the money for training there. Of all the students who apply for financial assistance, 85% receive scholarships. The average cost of tuition for a student-fellow MIT — $ 23,270. The scholarship can be partial or complete base.


The campus is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and covers an area of ​​68 hectares. Campus is surrounded by offices IT-companies. Each building has a number of campus and the majority — name. Academic and administrative buildings is often called numbers and hostels — names. Many of them are connected by a system of underground tunnels.Screen-Shot-2014-05-24-at-11.48.28-AM
On campus there is a nuclear reactor — one of the largest university of nuclear reactors in the United States. Buildings constructed on the campus of the project employees of architectural school MIT — the first US school of architecture. Undergraduate students are provided with housing for all four years — one of 12 hostels. About 8% of bachelors live off campus.


Students will get around 3 000 000 paper publications and about 55 000 electronic publications. Total at MIT 13 libraries, which include divisions: Institute Archives and Special Collections, Gallery Maihaugen, which holds rare books, maps and photographs.

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