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Lake returned sword

hoan-kiem-lakeLake returned sword (Hoan Kiem), otherwise known as the Green Lake Water. It is located in the heart of Hanoi. This attraction of the city was formed naturally on the site of the former riverbed. However, later it acquired a great cultural significance because of the associated legend. Legend says that the magic golden turtle that lived here gave Emperor Le Loew sword Thuan Tien at a time when Vietnam was ruled by the Chinese. With the help of the sword emperor defeated the Chinese army and the ruling dynasty revived Le.
The lake has several islands, and for them — a few buildings that make Ozerny landscape especially attractive. As for the turtles, they actually lived in Green Lake, and even continue to live up to now, only a few of their mission, as the lake water has long been not so clear as in the old days.
Near the northern shore of the lake is the Jade Island, on which stands the Temple of the Jade Mountain (Ngoc Son).
Near the northern shore of the lake is the Jade Island, on which stands the Temple of the Jade Mountain (Ngoc Son). The temple was built in the 18th century in honor of the 13th century commander Tran Hung Dao, who distinguished himself in the battle against the Yuan Dynasty. It is also a sanctuary dedicated to the Confucian and Taoist philosophy, in whose honor a small shrine has been increased in size in 1865. The temple complex includes a pavilion Duck Nget («contemplation of the moon»), Thap-Bat Tower and Pavilion, the opposing waves. Each of the buildings has a symbolic meaning. Jade island connected with the shore wooden red bridge Hook, which means «bridge the morning light.»
Turtle Tower stands on the same island in the middle of the lake. It was built after the revival of Le Dynasty, in the 17-18 centuries. The current design of the tower dates back to 1886
Legend has it that after the emperor cope with the invaders, turtle demanded his sword back and get it.
Great big old turtle lives in the lake had God knows how long. With a length of more than half the weight and more than half a hundredweight, it is considered sacred. But unfavorable environmental conditions affect the turtle is not very good: so much so that in 2011 it had to fish out of water and treated.