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Guinea attractions

2Mostly, tourists are attracted to Guinea of ​​its attractions, as well as the stunning landscapes of the Fouta-Djalon, endless jungles, excellent road network, and an amazing contrast of dry valleys, located in the north, with modern facilities and areas.

The complex bank and office buildings located between Ave de la Republica and Roux du Niger is a fairly modern center of Conakry. There are many popular attractions Guinea, which include National Museum of the country. It is worth noting that it has a stunning collection of folk instruments, sculptures and masks. All the exhibits are located in a very comfortable and very spacious exposition stunning building, which was erected in the style of the Louvre in Paris. More than fifty interesting villas executed in the Moorish style, which is located directly in front of the presidential palace, which had previously served as the headquarters of an organization such as the OAU. However, it is worth noting that to date, above the villa, provide that kind offices for a variety of international organizations. Another attraction of Guinea, is considered to be large-scale People’s Palace, which is located in the northern part of the Roux du Niger. It should be noted that this palace is the most frequent venue for all kinds of traditional performances by local ballet theater, and also held here all sorts of festive ceremonies and festivals.

Political and spiritual center of the local population is Cancun. This city is chock full of all sorts of historic sights Guiana, and it was built in the Middle Ages, during the Empire of Mali. However, in order to see the above attractions, you can not do without the services of a local guide. All this because the untrained eye, it is simply impossible to distinguish fused in the last century, new and old sights and very difficult to recognize where modern life begins and where it ends the story. Local heirloom, no doubt, requires special attention. The sights of Guinea this type include the following facilities: Located on the banks of Milo, the presidential palace, beautifully ornamented Great Mosque, a few public and private markets, as well as excellent sculpture workshops.

Mount Bagana, 1730M, an active volcano on Bougainville spewing sulphurous gases.    This picture was taken on a six-week trip by private sailboat through the seldom-visited islands north of New Guinea, in an area of the South Pacific known as the Solomon Sea.  Most of the islets here have no airport or regularly scheduled boat services, and their way of life is traditional by economic necessity. The region is also one of the most volcanically active in the world.

Among the natural attractions of Guinea, is a plateau Fouta Djallon, which enjoys the same popularity as Fuyama rapids or a waterfall Bafara. This plateau is due to the capital an excellent road and is located approximately 220 kilometers from it, to the northeast. Every day, this place attracts their attention tens of thousands of tourists, especially its perfect and very cool climate, people’s delicious cuisine, stunning emerald green vegetation, which covered all visible hills and lovely villages in which they live are very hospitable people. Very popular here are the gates Fouta Djallon.

The most famous beach areas of Guinea is considered to be Cape Verga. During the week it is completely empty, but on weekends, he in a moment turns into a stunning resort town, where life abounds. It is very popular, which is why it can be with a clear conscience be attributed to a number of other attractions Guinea.