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Grand Erg Oriental

Grand Erg Oriental

What is the erg? In Arabic, the word means a designated tracts of sand in North Africa, they are characterized by the presence of dunes, as well as the completed absence of vegetation. Grand Erg Oriental is a huge sand desert in the northern part of the Sahara with an area ​​over 100 square km (more than 600 km length and in some places width reaches 200 km).

The bulk of the sands is situated on the territory of Algeria, but a small tip of the erg «climbs» in Tunisia. A Great Eastern dunes have a light yellow color and long, sharp ridge line which is parallel to the direction of the prevailing wind. The height of some dunes are up to 300 meters, is characterized by the separation of their clay-pebble walkways (Gussie).
Getting to the Grand Erg Oriental can be either by car on a pretty good road, or by local airlines landing in the airport of Hassi Messaoud, which is located directly inside the erg.

People who have visited the Sahara, said that the endless ergs sandy sea calms and purifies the soul. I still didn’t visit any of the Big ergs, it’s hard to judge the truth of these words, but I an sure in one thing that there is a shortage of water during the day and 45 degrees at night below zero.

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