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El Badi Palace

760b2c42db12ef53e2bfb99038bb0be5Marrakech is the third largest and beautiful town in the heart of Morocco, with Eastern traditions, it is very crowded, noisy, attracting tourists of bygone luxury. Lots of the sights of Marrakech are protected by UNESCO.
The Medina (old town), is the huge wall of El Badi Palace, it was created in 1578-1603 years. It is an incomparable example of architecture of the Maghreb, «the miracle of miracles», the architectural model of equilibrium in the past celebrated by poets. It was incredibly handsome, no wonder that its name was translated as «incomparable». It was elevated to one of the representatives of the dynasty Saadian Sultan Ahmad al Mansur, who loved luxury, so it was called «Gold». The palace had become a symbol of the victory of the governor Ahmad al Mansour over the army of Portugal in the battle known as the «Battle of the Three Kings.»
The palace was decorated with gold, turquoise, crystal, rare types of Italian marble, Irish granite, Indian onyx, precious woods. All of this was imported in Marrakech, Portugal had received Sultan’s money after its defeat, just as India, Italy, Central Africa, Spain, France. The best masters of Andalusia and Catalonia during the day and night was working on the creation of eastern masterpieces. According to one version, the prototype of the El Badi Palace is a Palace of the Alhambra in Granada. Legend says that the marble for the palace was bought for sugar as a small change. Surprisingly, in palace there are central heating systems, despite the fact that it was in the 16th century. Builders were generously paid: they got the amount of gold equal to their weight.
But, also, the history of the palace was not so happy ever after. In 1683, Sultan Moulay Ismail Alawite dynasty, moved the capital to Maknes, and decided to build a new palace for himself and ordered to disassemble «Incomparable.» Almost a decade El Badi systematically looted, destroyed and destroyed. All his treasures and finishing materials were taken to the Palace of the Alawite.
Walking through the palace, you can see the windows of dungeons, where lived the servants, to see the remains of the baths, the ancient palace of the arch. The observation deck of the tower offers the view of the inner area of ​​El Badi and old houses around the Palace of Medina. Far visible is the main Koutoubia Mosque . It serves as a guide for tourists for not to be lost in any part of the city.

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