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Don’t be afraid of travelling!


Many homebodies really don’t understand why travelling is so wonderful. They see in travelling more limitations, than advantages. Their ideal world is planned and stable: there is no spending money on tickets, any wasting time or disorientation in the unknown city, any uncomfortable communication with strangers.

But those, who like travelling, will surely tell that some of these drawbacks are more like nice bonuses. The life of homebodies is ordinary and simple. Traveling to new places, to other people, to a different “atmosphere” allows us to compare living conditions, find different ways to achieve goals. Travelling gives to a person a special experience.
Communication with strangers helps to broaden our mind, to realize the diversity of people and understand their place in a huge society. While traveling, person may read books and listen his favorite music even more often, than in everyday life, which is full of problems and tasks.

Changing views outside the window of transport excites the imagination and interests. Whether it is a business trip or vacation, let it be a little adventure. Perhaps, it will be the most wonderful event in your life.

Someone will say that traveling is an ordinary escape from one’s own existence, but, coming back, a person brings something new inside of him – a piece of the known world, travelling to which has just begun.

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