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Флаг-КипраClimate. The climate on the island is subtropical Mediterranean, with hot summers and mild, relatively rainy winters. Rains usually from late October to April. The climate in Cyprus is considered to be the healthiest in the world. The number of sunny days a year — 340. The average January temperature + 10-15 ° C, in July + 25-30 ° C, precipitation is 300-1300 mm.

[b] flora in the foothills and on the plains (up to a height of 500 m) is dominated by thickets of evergreen shrubs (maquis, frigana). Forests remain mainly in the mountains and cover about 20% of the territory, composed of oak, cypress, Aleppo pine,
giant cacti. There are groves of lemon and Apel-sinnyh trees. Total on the island, there are 1890 different species of trees, including endemic, t. E. Unique to the area. The flora of Cyprus without reason called a botanical paradise. In the forests grow anemones, and the edges of roads and on vacant lots — asfodily, which in ancient times were considered mysterious colors of the underworld.
Fauna The fauna of Cyprus poorer flora. There are wild sheep (mouflon), chameleons, lizards, turtles, squirrels, weasels, wild rabbits and snakes. The birds, which on the island has more than 300 species found dipper, big tits, jays, crows crested, crossbills, larks, nightingales, Imperial eagles and vultures.

Rivers and lakes. Permanent rivers are not available.
Sights. Remains of Colossus of land, the ruins of Mycenaean colony of Curium and the Phoenician city of Ama-myc, the Greek gymnasium and temples, Byzantine monasteries, Crusader castles, Venetian castle of the XII century., Gothic cathedrals, the Turkish mosque. Magnificent Cyprus holiday, in Vol. H. Parade of colors.

Useful information for tourists
Greek Cypriots — friendly, hospitable people. In conversations with them it is better not to touch the topic of occupation of the island by the Turks.
For photography and filming in public museums need to obtain a special permit, the request shall be in writing. It is forbidden to take pictures of a border zone between the two parts of Cyprus, soldiers and military installations.
When visiting monasteries and churches women should be covered from the shoulders, skirts, not trousers, men — wearing pants instead of shorts. In addition, in the churches, as a rule, prohibited by photo and video.
Despite the dominance of the metric system of weights and measures, the main measure of weight in Cyprus is the drachma (100 drachmas equal to 320 grams).
Tipping in restaurants is usually 10% of the invoice amount and 3% — in favor of the Cyprus Tourism Organization. The hotel decided to leave a few coins maids. The taxi is usually the sum rounded up in a big way.