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Online Learning

«Universarium» online education

«Universarium» opened recently: the first lesson it began only in January this year. In the future, it should be a place for interaction between employers and professionals, so now part of the courses focused on specific businesses and provides employment opportunities for the most successful graduates. Education in «Universariume» is ...

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«Uniweb» online education

Online education is an opportunity at home if you do not learn how to practically everything, or at least get a rough idea from psychology and biology to programming languages ​​and quantum mechanics. The vast number of courses taught in English, but in recent years in Russia began to appear ...

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29 resources for online learning

There are currently actively developing a system of distance learning is no longer a problem getting a full education on almost any subject remotely. Online learning has many advantages — training at their own pace, freedom and flexibility, accessibility, social equality. In the network there are more services to help ...

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8 online learning platform

Evolver Learning Lab For whom: For curious Language English The project differs from many other pleasant and intuitive design and unusual choice of themes. Often a site tries to scientifically explain the fact that the collective unconscious is still being recorded in the category of mystical and otherworldly: here the ...

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Online education

8 online learning platform Arzamas For whom: for all Russian language Last start, with a project of former chief editor of the «Big City» Philip Dzyadko and founder of the site «theory and practice» Daniel Perusheva dedicated to the humanities. Each course — on history, art, anthropology and philosophy — consists ...

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10 free online courses on Coursera

You’ve probably heard of or even Coursera courses were held there. If not, check out this selection. Maybe you find yourself something interesting. It presents 10 courses in economics, law, ethics and other disciplines. Coursera — an educational platform that allows you to place a variety of online courses from ...

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