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KhanAcademy – online learning resource you could skip


Distance learning has become popular all over the world. It has many advantages. The student studies at a convenient time and in a comfortable environment significantly save money (no expenses on transport, lunch, textbooks, etc.). The student selects a course and develops his lesson schedule. This will allow you to ...

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Stanford University has joined edX


Stanford University has joined the initiative of Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which allows schools to conduct free online courses. This cooperation, according to the university administration, will be beneficial for both teachers and students from all parts of the globe. Stanford already offered MOOC (Massive Open ...

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10 World free online education resources


You want to improve your knowledge in various fields of science, but there is no way to pay for distance education in a foreign university? It’s no big deal.  At your service are 10 sites that allow you to listen and watch free lectures online with a range of specialties ...

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Online language service «Duolingo»


Duolingo is a free service for learning foreign languages, which also acts as a crowd-sourcing translation platform. The developer Louis tried to find a way to translate thousands of pages on the Internet without resorting to questionable machine translation or expensive services of professional translators. The system he invented solves ...

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Online degree with «Udemy»


The success of open online education confirms millions of people around the world aspire to new knowledge today. The spread of virtual forms of teaching found many willing to share their knowledge and skills with others. An example is the platform Udemy, which allows teachers to create online courses on ...

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«Udacity» specializes in online computer education


Udacity is distance computer courses The platform Udacity is largely similar to Coursera, but specializes in computer education. It offers 24 courses related to computer science (programming, artificial intelligence, 3D-graphics, cryptography), but also presents mathematics, physics, psychology and business. Unlike Coursera, Udacity courses have no fixed schedule — you can ...

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Online degree with «Coursera»


Coursera is the largest platform for free online academic education today. You can listen to hundreds of different courses from 62 universities from North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The majority of universities offer courses in English, but is also available  in French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese. Coursera offers courses ...

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«HTML Academy» online education

Interactive HTML Academy courses are aimed at training of HTML and CSS. The emphasis is on practical training, so the program includes numerous exercises in which the student is necessary to change the HTML and CSS code in the online editor, following the instructions of the system. The curriculum consists ...

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«University without Borders» online education

The main difference between «University Without Borders» from other systems of online learning — is that the courses are held in real time, so students can not only listen to a lecture, but also to ask questions, ask for advice or to arrange a discussion. Developers curriculum focuses on media, ...

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