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Blue Hole in Dahab

Blue Hole Lighthouse Reef, Belize-

Blue Hole in Dahab — a unique place, attracting both leisure travelers and thrill-seekers. Scholars still debate about how the middle of the Red Sea, the cave was formed sheer depth of about one hundred meters and a diameter of at least 50 meters. From the heights of the Blue Hole in Dahab simply mesmerizing. Imagine for a moment: a greenish-blue sea, which is in the midst of a huge dark almost black spot surrounded by coral reefs. These tend to get a lot of tourists to witness a glimpse into the abyss from the deck of the boat, and the most daring plunge into the mysterious underwater world.
At the time, Blue Hole in Dahab studied the famous explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, and today it is always full of divers. Unfortunately, not all divers follow safety rules, which sometimes pay for their own lives. In order to avoid a state of emergency, to dive into the depths of the Blue hole in Dahab should be prepared in tandem with an experienced diver.

The resort has plenty of diving clubs, where for a fee you will be given a few major lessons of diving and provide quality equipment for diving. For example, four dives with rental of all equipment will cost an average of EUR 120 per person (January 2014).

To get to the Blue hole in Dahab (it is about 15 kilometers from the Egyptian resort) can take a taxi or, if you are traveling with a group on a tour bus. On the shore near the place of immersion in the underwater cave today formed more or less decent infrastructure, which includes parking for cars and buses, cafes, small cabins with beds and a toilet. Incidentally, the Blue Hole in Dahab glorified and our so-called free-divers, dive into the abyss literally in one breath only with a mask and snorkel. Fortunately, extreme immersion of Russian tourists have ended happily.