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Baths of Aphrodite

Baths of AphroditeOn the Cyprus island, not far from Paphos there is a place where, according to legend, Aphrodite relaxed with her lover Dionysus and other great men. They used to bath in the shade of a fig tree and ferns. People used to believe, that water in this pool grants eternal youth.

Its difficult to check this statement, because now swimming there is prohibited. Is that the a ms and legs to moisten. Tourists only can wet their hands and legs.

The pool can be reached only by foot. From baths of Aphrodite path leads to the Fountain of Love. These walking tours are free. No one will take even cent for visiting the lake and fountain. To visit these sites in average it takes three hours.

The Temple of Aphrodite was built in the village of Kouklia, 15 kilometers from Paphos. It was raised in the 12th century BC. Homer wrote about this temple in his poems.

A long time ago there was a local tradition. All the women of the island at least once had to have sex with a stranger. Orgies being held in the temple of Aphrodite under the watchful eye of the goddess. Many pilgrims come here specially to take part in the so-called Aphrodisias.

Later, the tradition was interrupted by Christians, and the temple was ruined both by believers and earthquakes. So, now there are only ruins.

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