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Bahia Palace

o_8557In the rich and mysterious East of North Africa, in the charming Morocco one of the main pearls is the ancient Marrakech. Huge palaces, great mosques, oasis, eastern sweets, tales of Scheherazade — all Marrakech is the third largest city in the country.
One of the main and most beautiful sights of Marrakech are located in Medina — is quite young (1880) Bahia Palace (Palais de la Bahia), or, another name is «palace of beauty». It was built for one of the four wives of the harem Sidi Bou Moussa Ahmed, Grand Vizier rulers Moulay Hassan and Moulay Abd al-Aziz. The palace in the Moorish style is well preserved and its area is about ​​eight hectares.
Sidi Moussa, beloved wife, wanted to present the most magnificent and beautiful palace in the country, although later there lived another 3 vizier’s wife and his 24 concubines. Therefore, in the seven years of its construction the architect Al Haj Mohammed Bin Makki al-Misfui rebuilt and rebuilt the palace because the Grand Vizier has been always buying new adjacent areas. Materials (tiles, marble and others) were brought from all over the state.
Pan-Arab philosophy of the house says that all private should be kept away from prying eyes, in order not to arouse envy in others.
The interior of the palace shakes its Unbeatable: decorated with painted ceilings, and doors made of cedar wood, a beautiful mosaic combined with traditional carvings in stone and wood — all admirable.
A lot of traditions were kept, courtyards were decorated with elegant designs, and hedges and tree-lined avenues and tidy splashing fountains. According to the legend, the palace courtyards are arranged so that the concubine is met while walking around the house. So it was a difficult task for the architect. Luxury furnishings Bahia Palace, unfortunately, did not happen.
The palace was built almost by a thousand workers from Fez. And when the construction was completed, the vizier were jealousing of the Sultan, because of elegance and beauty of the Palace Beauties surpassed all the palaces in Morocco. Immediately after the death of the vizier in 1900 by order of Sultan Abd-al-Aziz Palace Bahia was ravaged and plundered.

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