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Ait-Benhaddu is authentic tourist attractions of Morocco


Once a caravanserai on the way trans-Saharan caravans, Ait-Benhaddu today is the most colorful and authentic attractions of Morocco, along with multiple Ouarzazate was captured in the works of Hollywood directors. If you only had a time to visit this modest village on the slopes of the Atlas Mountains — from Jerusalem, «Jesus of Nazareth», the desert fortress of «Lawrence of Arabia» and abandoned jungle the «Pearls of the Nile.»

Ait-Benhaddu is really impressive: its fortress-casbah of the 11th century with red walls were joined to the hill, and the emerald palm oasis at the foot make you believe that you’re on another planet.

Medieval fortress-Ksar («Castle») — the main and only attraction of the Ait Benhaddu. The settlement is located inside the Ksara, it surrounded by the hills, and from the outside is protected by red thick walls. Due to the inclusion in the UNESCO and scrutiny of filmmakers casbah Ait-Benhaddu remained at a solid top five: the walls are regularly restored, which creates an overall impression of traveling time — it seems that now the 11th century, and from the gate of the fortress is about to leave for the next caravan to Timbuktu. The castle can be reached through one of two gates — the new bridge or through a dry riverbed.

On the top of the hill there is an old grain storage — it is almost completely ruined, but up here is — if only enjoy the dizzying views of the village and the horizon of Atlas Mountains. And  on the opposite side of the hill there is a medieval tomb mausoleum called holy hermit Benhaddu as the city is named.

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