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Ahaggar Mountains


Ahaggar is the highest mountain range in the Algerian part of the Sahara (the Arabs call this place their own way — Hoggar). Its main peak is Tahat mountain, altitude 2908 m.

The population of Ahaggar is Tuareg nomads of Berber origin. Since the mid-18th century there was a state of the Tuareg — Kel Ahaggar in this area, which became a French protectorate in 1903. Then it moved to Algeria (after independence), and was abolished only in 1977. The main town of the Algerian Tuareg is Tamanrasset, located to the south-west of the highlands at an altitude of 1320 meters and is known for its Ahaggar Museum, which is dedicated to the life and culture of the indigenous people.


SUVs is the most suitable vehicle for tourists in these places. The goal is usually to reach Assekrem Mountain, with its height (2728 m) you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama of rocks and sands of the Sahara.

The black basalt walls, huge boulders among the sand dunes, rocks, the most diverse and bizarre forms of stone towers with battlements and spiers, pillars, cones and obelisks — it is all a consequence of past volcanic activity, fragments of craters, as well as the result of wind erosion. In many places there are traces of the eruptions called lava flows, which took bizarre forms. Traveling the Ahaggar highlands, you can become a witness of the unique optical phenomena before sunset. In the light of the sunset rocky terrain becomes even more clear-cut, and some basalt columns remind the sculptures created by an eccentric artist.

In addition, The Mount Assekrem attracts tourists with Monastery Charles Eugene de Foucauld, which at the end of the XIX century — beginning of XX century was preaching Tuareg ideas of Catholicism for 16 years, and later was canonized.

Of course, a trip to the Ahaggar requires big efforts and considerable finances, but it’s worth it. Arriving at the Tamanrasset airport, you immediately get into the bizarre world of the nomadic Tuareg and travel into the Ahaggar and familiarity with the Algerian Sahara fabulousness only reinforces the impression of what is happening.

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