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8 online learning platform

Evolver Learning Lab1
For whom: For curious
Language English
The project differs from many other pleasant and intuitive design and unusual choice of themes. Often a site tries to scientifically explain the fact that the collective unconscious is still being recorded in the category of mystical and otherworldly: here the scientists explain how people open their minds to «parallel» worlds, and what is the secret of eternal love from a physiological point of view.
Portal earned in 2007, it has become one of the pioneers in the field of online lectures, and his philosophy calls the careful selection of the experts who read to Evolve Learning Lab. Except the lectures, the company has been producing online magazine Reality Sandwich, where after a while their doubles in compressed video and writing.

For whom: For those who want to get an education
Russian language
Project Uniweb engaged in providing online programs from major universities in Russia. The list has MGIMO and MGU and registration for classes does not take more than a couple of hours. To access the online lectures, you need to register, choose a program and pay for it (if it is not free), and you can immediately begin to deal with. Generally courses last no more than 12 academic hours are no more than 5,000 rubles. and are a part of everything — from the video tutorials themselves to homework, tests and additional materials.
Basically all programs are in some way connected with the management, finance and marketing. For example, right now on the site opened registration for the program «Cross-Cultural Management,» «Sports management» and «Theory of the media.» Upon completion, students receive a certificate issued by the institution that provided the course.

For whom: for all
Language: English and Russian
«Lectorium» collects video lectures and classes all over the country, and is primarily a platform for their deployment, and only secondarily — he produces media content. The site constantly appear video from scientific conferences held recently in the capital cities and in the provinces, lectures from different universities and seminars conducted by teachers.
All materials library free of charge and cover the transcendental number of areas, from anthropology to habitual ethnolinguistics and Transplantation.

University Without Borders
For whom: for humanists
Russian language
«University without borders» — another Russian-language project that distributes available (but not free) education and draws for this purpose professors Russia, the United States and Europe. On this site, the emphasis is on the humanities and provide timely information on new media, history, politics, globalization, urban studies and sociology. All lectures are ground out to teach students to think scientific concepts and be prepared to conduct independent research.
Despite the fact that learning takes place on the Internet, the organizers are trying to keep the traditional teacher and student communication: through essays, forums and personal contact with the teacher student learns to analyze the information obtained in the lectures themselves. Upon completion of courses receive a certificate. The site is not an official educational institution, but a link to the electronic version of the certificate can be placed in a resume or portfolio.

For whom: For those who study a foreign language
Language: English, Russian and other
Online resources on which millions of people learn new languages, has existed for many years and collected the whole base of the Arab media, Polish, Catalan and dozens of other languages. All construction on standard flash programs for the study of a foreign language. Vocabulary, grammar and listening integrated into lessons, which visitors pass and fix the knowledge test and quiz. Unlike many other resources for language learning that lesson after the site asks students to write an essay in a language which he studies, and then volunteer carrier checks the text and indicates the error. The final stage of the lesson — a short chat with the carrier and, if desired, it is possible even to phone.

New York Institute of Photography
For whom: for photographers
Language English
New York Institute of Photography opened distance education a few years ago — when such things were perceived by most wary. Now a network of students of the institute has grown and has become a global: in Russia, is also available. In order to gain access to the materials and teachers, it is necessary to apply for training, and after it will take to pay the first semester. Jobs, lectures and other material published in a private office, and in return the students send their photos that meet the requirements of homework.
Since this is a formal institution, New York Institute of Photography provides a certificate of completion of the course, which is recognized in most countries.

For whom: for those who earn on the Internet
Russian language
Educational projects Netology — the site where at the moment there are 88 courses, most of which are somehow connected with the work of the Internet: from the layout and typography of sites to SEO and online sales.
The lectures are accompanied by tests and homework, teachers and students can and must communicate and absolute advantage of the portal is the Russian language, which conducted all lectures and seminars. Here are collected many big businessmen and the Russian Internet and provide them with a platform for the transfer of knowledge to students. Individual courses can not pay: simply sign up for it all at once. It will cost from 590 rubles. per month. Netology nice bonus is that the system works there gift certificates — the things that are lacking in many other sites of on-line education.

Creative Live
For whom: for representatives of the creative class
Language English
The name «The creative life» speaks for itself. This site contains lectures and courses for the creative disciplines. Several columns, they cover all the media content that is currently loaded on the portal: «Photo and Video», «Art and Design», «Music», «crafts and the life.»

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