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29 resources for online learning

podkluchisThere are currently actively developing a system of distance learning is no longer a problem getting a full education on almost any subject remotely. Online learning has many advantages — training at their own pace, freedom and flexibility, accessibility, social equality. In the network there are more services to help you acquire new knowledge.

This article contains a list of resources for online training, mostly of interest to programmers.

1. MIT Open Courseware

MIT’s Open Courseware offers 2100 courses on various subjects, including the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Free resources include online tutorials, exams, multimedia content, assignments, projects and examples — all from MIT actual rates of the last decade.

2. Coursera

Coursera launched in April and has already broke the mark of 1 million students. Now it includes more than 200 courses from 33 universities. Coursera — it is a start in the field of online education, founded by professors at Stanford University that lets you take a full online course university, which is taught by this professor in one of the best schools in the world. Free.

3. Udacity

Udacity — a free service that currently includes 14 classes, where «you are trained by solving complex problems with a world-renowned university professors.» Courses cover topics that not only teach you to write code, but also provide an excellent knowledge of mathematics, physics and even in the «How to build a startup.»

4. Google Code University

This is Google and the code — just solid free resource and, obviously, a good option if you are interested in developing for Android. Also specializing in some advanced topics, such as distributed systems, web security.

5. Mozilla Developer Network

Mozilla has collected a large collection of resources for learning web technologies.

6. HTML5 Rocks

The resource includes a lot of free information on HTML5, including articles and tutorials.

7. The Code Player

The Code Player — resource with step by step video tutorials that show how tough things are created from scratch. This is an opportunity to look over the shoulder of a programmer when he runs. The project teaches HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, etc. Is located in the alpha state.

8. Codecademy

Codecademy — a popular free website which makes a game component in the learning process if you learn with your friends. It focuses on web technology. Codecademy also launched a project CodeYear.
It is said that life became very popular after the tweet mayor of New York at the beginning of this year, where he said he was going to use this site for teaching programming in 2012.

9. Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers a variety of courses that cover not only programming but also other topics. For example, the math (many courses in different directions), science, finance and economics, and others.

10. General Assembly

General Assembly takes a different approach by offering paid livestream-session on topics such as «Rapid prototyping: from the frame to HTML» — you buy an e-ticket, get the password and connect livestream-y, when he passes.

11. PeepCode

PeepCode encompasses a variety of programming languages, providing downloadable (paid) screencasts lessons.

12. Eloquent JavaScript

Eloquent JavaScript, actually — the book, which provides an introduction to JavaScript and programming in general. The book exists in two formats. It is published in electronic form, which includes interactive examples and a mechanism for interaction with code examples (you can run the code, or open it in the Developer Console). Also, the book can be purchased in hard copy on Amazon. Translation into French (paper version) and German (e).

13. Ruby Koans

The Koans takes you over the long haul to education in the study of Ruby (not Ruby-on-Rails). The goal is to learn the language Ruby, syntax, structure, and some of the common functions and libraries.

14. Learn Code The Hard Way

Learn Code The Hard Way started as a project to teach the Python form of online books, textbook, but were soon added to the materials for the study of Ruby, C, SQL, Regex.

15. Stack Overflow

Though he technically does not include «tutorials», but has a ton of (easily desired) information that may be of great help. Also, if you are on something stuck (and still has no answer resource), the community responds very well to questions.

16. Coder Dojo

Coder Dojos — site where young people come together to learn to program. Dojos are organized by volunteers. If you are a teacher, or just want to share your knowledge, you should look to this resource.

17. O’Reilly

In addition, a plurality of sets of books published by O’Reilly, the company also offers a (paid) online courses for various programming languages.

18. Scratch

Again, if you want to help someone in training, Scratch — free software, developed by MIT Media Lab, which will help you with this.

19. Apple Developer

A resource for those interested in developing software products for Apple.

20. Android Developer

Google site for Android developers continue to improve and comprises a plurality of sections of the guidelines for developers and designers. Also available videos from Google I / O.

21. Mobiletuts +

Mobiletuts + — resource with articles and tutorials for developers of mobile applications. It covers the development of native applications c using the iOS SDK, Android SDK / NDK and Windows Phone 7 SDK, cross-platform development using tools like Titanium Mobile and PhoneGap, technology for building Web sites accessible to mobile devices and web applications the HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript.
It has a platform for online learning developers and designers (charge).

22. Udemy

Udemy offers courses (some free, some paid) on a variety of topics. Among the instructors — Mark Zuckerberg and Marissa Mayer.

23. Code School

Code School offers courses on Web technologies with video tutorials, assignments to program a solution to some problem and screencasts. Most of the courses are paid, there are several free.

24. Bloc

Bloc promises to make you a «web developer for 12 weeks.» For solid reward Bloc appoint a mentor, who will train you for the allotted time. (Cost — $ 5,000 for 12 weeks).

25. Treehouse

Treehouse has over 600 video lessons (web design, web design and development under the IOS), which can be viewed for a monthly fee. There is also a premium subscription that offer more opportunities.

26. Programr

Programr has a different approach to the training program, the essence of which is reduced directly to programming. All the attention is paid to the improvement of practical skills. At each step, you need to solve tasks, to develop applications that take part in competitions.

27. Processing

Processing — the programming language open source development environment and started to teach (people who have never programmed) basic programming skills using visual fidbek.

Language based on Java, but uses a simplified syntax and graphical programming model.

Used for graphics programming. It quickly turned into a tool for creating professional work. Here you can see the video works, which were created with Processing.

28. Pluralsight

Pluralsight has a rich library of online courses for .NET developers. There are also courses for a variety of other languages ​​and technologies (around 360 courses). Access is for the monthly subscription fee. There is a free trial for 10 days (but up to 200 minutes of video and other restrictions).

29. LearnStreet

LearnStret — resource for learning Javascript, Python, Ruby. Courses interactive — learning takes place in the form of writing code and get the result immediately. There is a theory, exercises, tips and videos.

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