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10 World free online education resources


You want to improve your knowledge in various fields of science, but there is no way to pay for distance education in a foreign university? It’s no big deal.  At your service are 10 sites that allow you to listen and watch free lectures online with a range of specialties and areas of focus.

  1. UMass Boston Open Courseware
    Free courses in psychology, biology, political science, history, mathematics, a variety of humanities disciplines with access to the list of lessons and recommended literature. Disadvantage: This resource has no video of the course or presentation of the results set out in the framework of lectures.
  2. MIT Open Courseware

People from around the world spend a lot of money and effort to attend this institution. However, there are free courses available. The material is available for downloading with an indication of the structure and duration of the course. Perfect for those who want to try themselves in the field of engineering and applied sciences, and does not mind to engage in intensive self-education.

  1. Free-Ed
    There is also a division of courses and lessons + possibility of pages search and groups on Facebook and other sites for students who are studying the same course.
  2. Learning Space: The Open University
    All study material is divided by age and thematic groups, lecture material can be downloaded from the website to your computer, and the subject of the offered courses is wide.
  3. Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative
    You must create an account on the site to get access to the nature of the training. It is assumed that the user is exploring the material on their own, there is no tuition fee, as well as no trainers / teachers and exams you need to pass.
  4. Stanford iTunes U
    A wide range of video content and lectures from Stanford University. You will need to create an account at iTunes and install appropriate software.
  5. Academic Earth
    For those who get along with English. The site with all the lectures of the best universities in the world, in particular, MIT, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Yale and others. Not to climb and collect the crumbs of the best.


  1. Dx
    Another site with lectures of leading universities of the world. It’s pretty easy to pick up a course, for example, the music industry. Of course, if English is not a problem for you.
  2. University Of the People
    UoPeople — Free University, but students still have to pay for the exams at the end of each course. The cost depends on the student’s residence. At the same time you can try to get a grant, so all have the same opportunity to study for free. To become a student of the university, you must show knowledge of English and have a good secondary education.
  3. TED
    It stands for «Technology, Entertainment, Design», which can be loosely translated into Russian as «Science, Art, Culture.» Famous conference where scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, engineers, and many others and share their ideas on stage.

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