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5 online learning platforms


Coursera The largest platform for online learning, where you can find courses from the leading universities of the world. Most of the courses are in English, but you also can find it in French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese. Read more about Coursera Udacity Focus on computer studies with Udacity. Here you ...

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KhanAcademy – online learning resource you could skip


Distance learning has become popular all over the world. It has many advantages. The student studies at a convenient time and in a comfortable environment significantly save money (no expenses on transport, lunch, textbooks, etc.). The student selects a course and develops his lesson schedule. This will allow you to ...

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Djémila — Roman city in Algeria

Jam - Roman city

Djémila — Roman city in North Africa, about 50 killometrah south from the modern city of Setif in Algeria. It was founded in 96 BC under the name Kuikul by Emperor Nerva as a fortified military camp. Originally the city is an almost perfect square, where the two main streets are ...

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